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PAD::bridge 2.0



Parse input directly from Audio Playout System output, and send up to eight destinations using different formatting and protocols.

Send output directly to RDS encoder input.
Send output directly to HD Radio Importer PAD input.
Send output directly to streaming audio encoder metadata input.
Send output directly to web site via FTP with user definable XML.

Extensive formatting ability, including user definable field delimiters, for a unique visual look.

Filters for content exclusion. Allows playout system Artist/Title information to contain information that is not broadcast.

Default message displays user-defined message when non-music element is playing, such as station name, sig or program.

Timeout message displays user-defined message when no elements are playing, such as talent name, or announcer speaking.

Pre- and Post- Text to include station name or sig with dynamic artist and title.

RDS PS and RT scrolling with user definable parameters on supported RDS encoders.

Send dynamic artist and title simultaneously and directly to RDS encoders, HD-Radio Importers, streaming encoders, and websites.

Display default message when commercials or other announcements are airing.

Display specific message based on automation system category.

Message scheduling with three modes of operation.

Delay parameters for spearate input and each output to match broadcast profanity and transmission system delays.

Up to 16 input sources and 128 output destinations.

Pass-through data output mode for for network/affiliate operations.

ASCII output format user definable, including ASCII Text, XML, and HTML, and sent via Serial, TCP, UDP, or FTP.

Real-time incoming and outgoing message display and detailed event logging.

Reliable TCP/IP reconnection in the event of a network disruption.

Very efficient optimized C++ without 3rd party DLLs, to allow multiple instances on a single computer for multiple program souces and reliability.

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